My popup always covered other windows


Hello, Everyone I got into a problem these  dasy, my popup always covered other windows ,it's like this

I want to let my popup like a normal window and not aways covered other windows

I have read ComponentPopupBuilder.class many times , I really did't find way to deal it

Here is my code

private void customerPopupDialog(){
JBPopupFactory instance = JBPopupFactory.getInstance();
JButton button = new JButton("Hello Idea Plugin");
JPanel panel = new JPanel();
button.addActionListener(e -> new MyDialog(Application.project,"Test").show());
instance.createComponentPopupBuilder(panel, new JBLabel())
.setTitle("Customer Popup Dialog")
.setMinSize(new Dimension(600,300))

Does anyone know how to solve it

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Sorry, I don't understand how a popup would not cover underlying windows by default. Please show a screenshot from existing UI to clarify what you want to achieve.

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ok,I made a new screetshot. Is that mean popup always a top level window

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hse Could you please file a bug in our tracker and specify exact IDE, OS versions? Thanks.

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Thanks for all the replies


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