Programmatically perform extract method on multiple method invocations



I am currently working on a plugin that programmatically performs an inline method, performs some operations (or doesn't), and then extracts the method later. I am using the extract method processor to undo the inline method currently, however I am running into some issues with it. If there are multiple invocations that are inlined, I am only able to extract one of them. I am also unable to get the same signature that I had before I inlined the method. If I manually extract the method, I can extract all of the necessary invocations with a mostly correct signature (I need to perform a change signature refactoring to get the signature textually correct).

I'm pretty sure the method signature is user error and that's something I can figure out. Do you have any suggestions to perform the extract method on all of the method invocations in the source method?



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It can be dangerous to use the extract method to undo the inline refactoring. Both these refactorings do some code optimizations and thus inline+refactoring may fail or result in different code sometimes.

As far as I can understand the question is how to extract method from several code fragments simultaneously (with suggested change signature). The most similar case is extract method + replace duplicates. There is no straight API for this but you can use the test code as an example (github):, boolean, com.intellij.openapi.editor.Editor, com.intellij.psi.PsiFile, com.intellij.openapi.project.Project, boolean, com.intellij.psi.PsiType, boolean, java.lang.String, com.intellij.psi.PsiClass, java.lang.String, int...)
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Hi Alexandr,

Thank you for the quick reply. Is there by chance any way to disable the code optimizations? 

I'm aware that if I perform an inline method using the editor that I can undo it. Is the operation stored on a stack that I could use to undo it programmatically instead of performing extract method on it?

Thank you for directing me to the extract method + replace duplicates test code, that does appear to be what I'm looking for.

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It's possible to invoke undo programmatically via `com.intellij.openapi.command.undo.UndoManager#undo`


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