Link or button in validation hover pop-up to go to that setting

I have a hard time sometimes finding in settings which validation or pop-up or whatever it is to disable or change it... for instance, this 'typo' validation:

Certain validations are generally irrelevant to me across jobs (which may have their own PHPStorm installs), and I don't always remember where to find them, so them being there and trying to find them to disable them becomes distracting and too time-consuming.

Maybe I'm missing something, but if there were a link or button or drop-down to take me to the validation or pop-up setting in settings, or a way to just disable/change it from there (like change whether it runs, or pops up, or which color the squiggly underline is, or what type of validation it is), that would really save me a ton of time across installs or jobs. Yes I know 'typo' is easy to find in validation, but a lot of other pop-ups or visual "hey look at me" things are difficult to find in settings.

Here's the full window by the way... the code is custom and irrelevant, so ignore that. The issue is being able to easily find the setting or disable/change it from the pop-up box itself in some way.

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Hi there,

Yes, It's Alt+Enter (on Windows/Linux) -- "More actions..." on your second screenshot and go from there:

Related help pages (that talk about using some of such elements from a such menu):


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