Git workflow broken in version 2021.1

The git window doesn't contain local changes anymore, they moved to a "commit" window

So now there is no convenient way to see local changes and branch history in the same window - I previously used tabs in the version control window.

selecting a file in the commit window no longer shows the commit preview on the right side

Double click on a changed file in the commit window no longer opens a hovering modal, it now changes the focus of the main IDE window, so there's no easy way to see the diffs while also looking at the current source code


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In Settings | Version Control | Commit, try unchecking Use non-modal commit interface to restore the previous workflow

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Thanks, unchecking non-modal commit interface restored most of the functionality.

However - under the current changelist, the checkboxes that are used to select which files will be included in the commit stopped working. 


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