Problems with Firebird (2.5)

Hi there,

I'm just trying out DataGrip for the first time. I'm trying to use if for MySQL and Firebird databases. Unfortunately, I cannot really get Firebird working correctly.

I did the automatic driver installation, and I'm able to successfully connect to my DB. I also can browse my data. But when I try to insert new rows into a table, it's not working correctly.

For example, created a row which generated the following SQL (seen with the "Preview changes" button):

INSERT INTO TableName (Id, profileId, name, options, comment)
VALUES (null, 410, 'name', '{"admin":false,"database":"test"}', 'test');

The output I got was that the table TableName is unknown. I know Firebird needs quotes around identifiers, so I went into the Generic SQL dialect settings, enabling the option to just do that. Now my SQL looks like this:

INSERT INTO "TableName" ("Id", "profileId", "name", "options", "comment")
VALUES (null, 410, 'name', '{"admin":false,"database":"test"}', 'test');

If I now try to submit that SQL (which looks correct to me), Datagrip is till telling me, that the table is unknown. If I copy that same SQL into a new console window, it is working.

But other SQL which I know should work, don't. For example, I had an update statement for a few rows (using a WHERE condition), but Datagrip tells me something about an "unsafe statement", which would update all my rows, since there is no WHERE condition.

Is there anything special you need to do, to get Firebird and Datagrip working together?

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Could you specify DataGrip version?


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