DataGrip - Ignore Database Table Prefix when creating aliases?


I have a database which uses a prefix ("wp_") on all of the table names.  When I'm writing queries I usually exclude the prefix letter when making an alias (IE: `wp_users u` rather than `wp_users wu`).  However, when I'm using Datagrip's otherwise excellent auto-completion, it always wants to use the `w`.

Is there a way to tell DataGrip to ignore the prefix when creating aliases?


I ran into the same issue.  What I did was set up an alias in the code completion.


I'm not sure I understand.  Are you saying that you manually created aliases for all of your tables using the Custom Alieases feature?


Yes, well only for the ones that I use most often.


Rex Schrader,

Jim Gust offered the right solution for you question. Use `Custom aliases`


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