During "Commit changes", show the last Commit Date of the file to be commited?


Using Git / Commit  in PhpStorm 2020.3.3 

In the "Commit changes" page, the list of files candidate for a commit (top) appears.

When I click on one of the files, the Diff is displayed (bottom) between the previously committed file, and the updated (new) version.
That's great!

However, I don't see the date, when was lastly committed that file, the one used in the Diff left side? 

That's probably another show of my ignorance, as this is a pretty crucial information, but can you please enlighten me, nevertheless?
(of course I could go back and display the history for each file, but that's cumbersome :(


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Could you please clarify how the exact data would help in the commit context?

The view is to show what would go into the repository, and the diff is between local changes and the latest version of the file. Knowing the exact data of that last version does not seem to be that important, as it does not affect the commit itself.

Am I missing something?

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It doesn't help the Commit, but it helps the user, or maybe just me :)

Actually I must confess that sometimes I commit a number of files, while the changes are not all related.
And some files were changed today, some others were changed a week ago, on 2 different topics.
And it helps to have a hint on when they were changed.

I thought that the Git hash - which certainly has some utility - is shown in plain sight... and maybe it could advantageously be replaced with the last commit date?

Or maybe I'm the only one being not so disciplined regarding the commits?



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