WSL performance

So with the latest PyCharm release, we can now run a WSL 1 or 2 interpreter on a project in Windows. Or we can run a WSL 1 or 2 interpreters on a project in WSL. 

Previously I was using a WSL1 interpreter on a project in Windows because I expected that to be the fastest, but now I'm wondering if it's faster to use WSL2 on a project in WSL2, or some other combination of interpreter and location.

What WSL combination is best for performance? (I assume Windows on Windows is fastest but sometimes I need Linux.)


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Judging by the following topic , WSL2 should have much better performance. 


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That link recommends using WSL 1 when "A project which requires cross-compilation using both Windows and Linux tools on the same files. [Since] file performance across the Windows and Linux operating systems is faster in WSL 1."

However, it also says that when working within a WSL OS that "WSL 2 as it offers faster performance".

So within a WSL OS, WSL2 is much faster but since PyCharm is a Windows application, I wasn't sure you still recommend using WSL1 so that PyCharm's background processes are better.


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