Class not found when running plugin


Hi there. I added an action to my plugin and when I tested it, I got this:

Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.github.jwpjrdev.betterimportplugin.actions.ImportAction PluginClassLoader[PluginDescriptor(name=better-import-plugin, id=com.github.jwpjrdev.betterimportplugin, path=/Users/joshua/Desktop/better-import-plugin/build/idea-sandbox/plugins/better-import-plugin, version=0.0.1)]

This is what I have in plugin.xml (generated by IntelliJ):

<action id="com.github.jwpjrdev.betterimportplugin.actions.ImportAction"
class="com.github.jwpjrdev.betterimportplugin.actions.ImportAction" text="ImportAction"
description="Triggered when the import hotkey is ran">
<keyboard-shortcut keymap="$default" first-keystroke="shift meta O"/>

And all the action does is listen to AnActionEvent via actionPerformed and print a string to console.


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Update: I'm dumb and had a Java file in src/main/kotlin rather than src/main/java.


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