Can I import my IntelliJ keyboard shortcuts into Webstorm?


Many actions - like navigation, find & replace, and Git commands - are present in both IDEs. So I want to use the same shortcuts for these common actions in both IDEs. Sure, I can manually define them to be the same. But that seems like a task a computer is good at!

In theory, at least: I haven't even found a way to export my IntelliJ shortcuts (see below), let alone import anything into Webstorm.

So, is this possible somehow?

Karsten Silz

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Andriy Bazanov, thank you for your advice - it worked!

I first copied over my entire IntelliJ shortcut file ("keymaps/Mac OS X 10_5_ Karsten.xml"). But even after restarting and clearing out the cache, it wouldn't show in the list of "Keymaps". So I resorted to copying over the "<action>" elements from there into my WebStorm shortcut file. And that worked!

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It's possible that the file from IDEA setup was referencing some keymap that was absent in your WebStorm .. or perhaps it was keymap name collision (e.g. 2 custom keymaps in 2 files but with the same name).

I'm glad that you have found a way to resolve that and it now works! 👍


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