External tools cannot find the specified file other than specifying it absolutely

Hi. I would like to use my venv PySide6-uic program to convert my ui files to py files. But I also want each project to use its own executable, so therefore I would like to know, if it is possible to specify the path of the executable file relatively to the projects folder. 

I have tried many different combinations of the path, but other than specifying the path absolutely (which I consider very groce, since that would be using the same executable from one of the projects in each and every other project). I was also messing with the path macros, but it all had the same result -  System cannot find the path specified. 

It is kinda annoying typing the command again and again into the terminal and so is creating tons of batch files one for each ui file, I just hope there is some more civilised way to do this.


I am using "pyside6-uic.exe" placed inside the Scripts folder inside the venv folder. The ui files are placed directly in the project folder. In the screenshot below, there is my current configuration, I have tried many paths including forward and backslashes, putting it at the start of the path and so on.

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