Github errors after authorizing as default


Ok about 2 hours ago I enabled the VCS as GitHub, then went in and did the Oauth (I think its called) where JetBrains opens a browser and asks me to authorize GitHub. Then I clicked admin, create a repo, add comments, add read comments, and other stuff to authorize PyCharm to create a repo and push via the app.

Now I'm still getting errors like it pushed to create a repo... but there is nothing there.

Why isn't this a simple process? I've enabled it, and setup GPG access but it refuses to sync my code.

Now under preferences>version control the directory just shows <Project> despite my project having a name and over 500 files.

Under version control>github my face from my gitub is showing and I've synced a token.

Pycharm is supposed to be a simple way to not to have to develop stuff and be simple.

What am I missing?

Could not read from remote repository.
Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.


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So i went in to the github loginmenu again and it still says I'm authorized but the menu just spins and spins... so I close it.

I went in to confirm it has my token and opened the "Login with token" opened the github screen and generated token gave me an error that the account had already been added. 

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Hello Andrew

As I can see from the error message it is thrown due to an issue with SSH key, so you have SSH specified under Git | Manage Remotes..
OAuth is used when you are using HTTPS URL. 

There are few ways to resolve the issue:

1. Change SSH to HTTPS under Git | Manage remotes and see whether it helps.
Since you are authenticated to GitHub in settings it should work fine, there could be an issue if you are trying to `git push` to a repository that belongs to organization with OAuth enabled, if so please follow this guide by GitHub:

2. Check whether it works without IDE (on a command-line level)
Please go to Terminal and run "git push" and see whether there will be the same error message about SSH key. If so - please follow the guide:
Once it's working in terminal then it should work in IDE as well since IDE relies on command-line git.


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