GoToDeclaration Handler not showing file path anymore


Hi, is there anything extra we need to do in new versions of PhpStorm to show the full path in gotodeclaration handler?

I'm returning a list of XmlTag, and that was working fine before, but now it does not show the filepath for that xmltag anymore:

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Any help to customize the presentation text there?

I've tried with: 

<presentationProvider forClass="com.intellij.navigation.NavigationItem"


<itemPresentationProvider forClass="com.intellij.navigation.NavigationItem"

extension points but they are never called (not sure if they are used for this, I was just guessing some entry point to modify the presentation)

I've tried with gotoTargetRendererProvider EP without success either


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I've solved it using GoToSymbolProvider.BaseNavigationItem but would be nice to know the official or recommended solution


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