SSL in connection setup


I'm trying to test connection attempts without SSL but Datagrip is showing that it's still using SSL.

In a data source definition, under the SSH/SSL tab, the "Use SSL" checkbox is unchecked but when I go to Test Connection, it succeeds and SSL is shown as "yes". So I'm wondering why that's the case and how to try a test connection without SSL enabled.

Yuriy Vinogradov

it's depend on your server set up. If it does support SSL, then driver automatically will use SSL.

you can try to find something on 'Advanced' tab, if driver has explicit parameter to control SSL - it will be there.

what is your DBMS?


This is for a PostgreSQL database. I've checked the Advanced tab and didn't find anything odd in there; nothing related to SSL was filled in or checked off.


Brian Kim,

Do you mean `SSL:yes`?


DataGrip just says you that server supports SSL connections. Whether use SSL for connection or not depends on your security policy.


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