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Is there an option to have the project pane show all files that have been "changed or added since git revision xxxxxx" ?
I think that could be very helpful. Out of the hundreds of files in my project window, I usually only need like 20, that I am working on in my current sprint. But since I do commit early and often to my vcs ;-) , the "All Changed Files view" only seldom shows all files that are relevant to my current work. 

I know I could create a scope, but that would be quite tedious since files are often spread out across my project. Been scratching my head for a solution - anybody got an idea?

Thanks in advance,


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As far as I am aware, there is no such option, so it could be a nice feature request. On a quick search, I was not able to find anything similar on YouTrack, so please free to submit your own:


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