Draw ER Diagram without database connection


Is it possible to draw an ER diagram without an (existing) database connection?

And after drawing a MySQL database ER diagram, is it possible to export the SQL query the create the database?


Thank you.

It does make sense for a paid tool like DataGrip to have a ER diagram modelling option, especially since MySQL Workbench (free) has it.

Yuriy Vinogradov

at the moment - no. please follow and vote for these requests:




I think having an offline modeler is a basic necessity. Every time I need to create a model I'll have to install a database somewhere just to get a picture of the diagram. I think it's a basic mistake not having this functionality in DataGrip. Currently I pay for a full subscription of Intelij but I think that its Sql editor is not up to other solutions that are also paid. Currently I use many of the Intelij tools but for databases I recommend https://sqldbm.com/ , it allows you to work in a much more comfortable way and does not require a persistent connection to create a simple diagram.

Thank you for your feedback.

Please follow the feature requests on youtrack provided below in this thread. Feel free to upvote and add your suggestions so it can get more attention. See this article on how to use the platform:


Thanks Aleksandr Molchanov but there are already propositions and feedback in intelij ticketing systems for several years and most say that it is not possible, I don't think that in the near future they will give us this option.

I like jetbrains products but being closed source means that the most necessary updates and features are postponed and forgotten, for example Fleet is a very good project but it is still in alpha phase (although jetbrains says it is stable) , it's not even capable of coloring or indenting code well for most languages, if it had been an open source project it wouldn't have as many basic issues by now, same goes for basic UI issues among other things.

The best option is that when there is a need, it is reported in the ticket system and if they say that it cannot be done or it takes more than a year, it is better to look for another alternative software, that happens to me with Fleet and DataGrip.


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