Undefined function 'array_key_last' with PHP 8

Hi there,

I use PHP 8 and PhpStorm doesn't recognize array_key_last.

I have already invalidated the caches, but that didn't solve the problem.

Thank you for help! :-)

Edit: I also tried other PHP versions, but it's all the same.


1) Please try disabling all custom plugins at Settings | Plugins > click on a gear icon > "Disable All Downloaded Plugins", restart IDE and check the issue after that. 

2) Please run File > Invalidate Caches ... > turn on Clear file system cache and Local History and Clear downloaded shared indexes, then hit Invalidate and Restart and check the issue after that. 



The bad plugin was PHP Document. Oddly enough I had already disabled it before I asked here, but without effect. Now it works if it's disabled.

Thank you and have a nice day! :-)


Have a great day as well :)


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