SSH config seems to ignore private key value

I'm trying to debug an issue with passphrases and SSH keys on our platforms, and for one, it seems PHPStorm can still happily push/pull to the remote server also  if I remove the SSH configuration for that server (Settings -> Tools -> SSH Configurations ; is that the right place?) entirely.

Secondly, once it found a way to login with that, it seems to ignore the value for private key file, see attached image. This is after applying the changes, or even after stopping and restarting PHPStorm completely. I can verify the login on the remote server via a terminal.

This suggests to me that it's storing the settings *somewhere* but I can't find out where..

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It might be using the keys specified in your sshconfig file. You can open Help > Diagnostic Tools > Debug Log Settings... and add and #com.intellij.ssh line. Then reproduce the issue and check the idea.log file (Help > Show log in ...) for a debugging info. If that doesn't really help - please contact us directly via Help | Contact Support. That way it would be much more convenient to share private info such as logs or sshconfig files.


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