Live edit is not working and cant change color in html theme


Live Edit is not working. it works for the first action then stops.

I have the live edit plugin and node installed.


2021_05_15_RF5ryKPAQfAZC46D (file: bug.mp4)


I can't change the color for the HTML setting for my theme, and I can't switch to a default theme, it's stuck now.

2021_05_15_Wc6gbpXBwhzEo6NZ (file: bug html.mp4)


my logs

2021_05_15_Cfj75gMYifXsaYdU (file:


Please disable all custom plugins, except Live edit:

Share the same videos and logs in case it does not help.



Upload ID: 2021_05_17_PpntjoFAw3okeLeE (files: bug html.mp4 and 3 more)

I disabled my plugins, except live edit and it still doesn't work. I'm on win 10. Does it work for you guys?


I just tried it on Webstorm and it's not working like it used to before the big update.


Live Edit issue is logged as, please follow it for updates


HTML colors editing works fine for me; please share your color scheme file


Are you testing that exact one? because I redid my color scheme and it's broke still, all the others work as expected, it's the one I'm showing you that doesn't work.

I'm telling you trying to set it a few times it stops updating colors.

Or I'm confused where the HTML code setting displays its color.

Upload id: 2021_05_18_DwWHpFCqgyJg4VyS (file: colors.icls)


In your scheme, HTML Code preferences are overwritten with Tag Data settings (Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | XML); clearing checkboxes for Background and Foreground should fix the issue


That worked Thank you. You should put a warning that this setting overwrites another IMO. You can mark this as resolved =)


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