Hot reload or debug for html not working on rider

Hello guys.
Hot reload or debug for HTML not working on rider, every time I should make re-run to see the changes.
should I install some plugins?


Hi Ali Khalouf

Could you please add some details about the issue?  What project type do you mean? 

Please, reproduce the issue and create a new request with `Help | Report a bug`. All necessary logs will add automatically and privately to the ticket so we could take a closer look at the case. Thank you in advance and have a great day!


Hello Alexandra Guk,
I'm working on a web project with C# & .Net core.
and every time I make any edit on files ".cshtml", I should restart all the project to get the update live on my localhost website 


Ali Khalouf

thank you for the clarification. Unfortunately, this feature has not been implemented yet. We have the following request: RIDER-12608. Feel free to upvote it to increase its priority and be notified about the progress. 

Should you have any other questions, let us know. Thanks! 



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