How do get a high-resolution UML Class Diagram from IntelliJ?


For a project, I wanted to auto-generate UML class diagrams from a Java package, for which IntelliJ provides a feature. However, this generates low-resolution images in .png format when saving and attempting to print and save as PDF generates strange text artefacts. How do I get a high-res UML class diagram saved in some format?



Unfortunately, there is no way to control the resolution when you export UML via IDEA, but in the next releases, we plan to add more exporting options. Please follow, for updates.


The best solution I found for this was to use the "Print" menu, but instead of saving as a PDF I increased the zoom so that the diagram took up the totality of my screen and then took a screenshot using Mac's screenshot tool. This gave me a .png with higher resolution than I could ever want


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