Code With Me Does Not Connect and No Window Shows!

I don't know what's going on with code with me lately but I cannot connect to it either in WebStorm or IntelliJ (both running the very latest versions).  It tells me it's updating code with me with newer versions yet it still does not work.  Everyone else is able to connect just fine on the teams I coach.

It was working fine for a while and all of a sudden every time I try to connect to several team's sessions (depending on who I'm coaching) I can't connect anymore.  Depending on the team I use IntelliJ or WebStorm.

I am always checking to be sure I am running the latest IntelliJ and WebStorm and I see code with me update its own plugins (when I try to connect, sometimes it tells me it's downloading newer versions)...yet it doesn't matter.

Here's what I see, code with me menu at the top and then nothing!  The request to connect to the person hosting doesn't come up with the code, nothing!

Also no matter whether I use IntelliJ or WebStorm, I get this intermediate page for some reason:

I mean other than trying to reinstall both IntelliJ and WebStorm I have no clue how to troubleshoot this and get this working and more importantly why this isn't working in the first place anymore.


Why does my text show up grey in this forum? the editor is so annoying.

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