How can I indroduce custom HTML tags with attributes?

Hi there,

I need some custom HTML tags with specific attributes. I don't want just to add them to my custom tags, because

  • I want them to be inspected and
  • I need to share them with other developers.

Maybe I should create a plugin for this? Or a library we just can add?

I don't have any plan about both or maybe about better ways. I've tried to find something on the Internet, but I couldn't find anything that could really help me yet. So I'm asking you now. Maybe you have some good hints for me. :-)


What do these tags look like? Are you using a certain framework?

You need to develop a custom plugin for your HTML extension to get tags recognized. Please check this tutorial:

Here's the open source example of the template language implementation:

Note that we have a special forum for questions regarding plugins development - Feel free to ask questions there

If developing custom plugin is not an option for you, I can only suggest adding your tags and attributes to exceptions list in inspection


Fingers crossed that 2021.3 includes the necessary feature


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