How can I change the type hint background color in JS?

I got a problem with the type hint badge since PHPStorm version 2021.1. For my color scheme (custom Obsidian) it's now unreadable:

How can I customize the background color for that?


Please try configuring the "Editor | Color Scheme | Language Defaults > Inline hints > Parameters > Default" option, that should do the trick.


Sorry, but it didn't work. I noticed, the option you mentioned affects the hints before the variable name, but not after one (such as variable type: number, string...).

On the screenshot below I set some garish background to show, what was affected and what wasn't. (the "Apply" button has been clicked beforehand).


In this case, you may want to change the "Editor | Color Scheme | Language Defaults > Inline hints > Default" setting. Does it work?


Yes, that helped. Thanks!


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