Can't add folder to Project files

This really pisses me off. I also do a lot of searches but I can't figure it out.  I usually write code in vs code but I want to give it a try to WebStorm.

My Project View look like that:

I don't see any of my folders and files that are in them. If I switch to Project Files View, my folders are there but if I want to edit a file an annoying popup show up and ask me if I want to edit a non-project file...

I understand that I should add that folder to the Project files and this will solve the problem...but I don't have that option


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Hi there,

For me this looks like your project settings are somehow corrupted for some reason or somehow misconfigured (+ that files background looks the same to me as if files are excluded).

Try this: "Settings/Preferences | Directories" and see if that folder is marked as Excluded or something.

If all looks OK there then I can suggest the following:

  1. Close all currently opened projects in WebStorm (File | Close project)
  2. On a Welcome Screen (that is shown when no project is opened) locate this project and remove it (via right click or via "X" on hover)
  3. In your file manager, go to the folder where project is located, locate .idea subfolder (this project settings) and delete it -- make a backup first if desired (for comparison/investigation purposes)
  4. Go back to WebStorm, use "Open" and point to the project root folder -- IDE will create a new project from those existing files.


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First of all, thank you for your help.

In the process of fixing that I do almost all you mention, remove the local .idea folder, double-check if the folders are excluded or not, remove the project from IDE, nothing works.

What's work was to reset the IDE settings, remove the local .idea folder and then remove the backup that I have on my machine.

Hope that won't happen again, I don't have a lot of configurations made right now, but in the future it will be quite unpleasant.


Thank you again !

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@F Laurentiu26

Did you made a backup of the IDE-wide settings before deleting (if you did it via menu in WebStorm it should keep a backup copy somewhere there...)

If you have it: consider contacting Support (Submit a request link at the top of the page here or via "IDE | Help | Contact Support...") where you can privately attach any files for devs to investigate.


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