go to definition, find symbol do not work properly

Hi guys,

I got the apache arrow project and opened it in my clion. Most functionalities, find references, go to definition, find symbol do not work. I am very familiar with your ecosystems, and intellij and pycharm user for many years. Should I do something extra to get this to work like other IDEs?


Thanks for your help,





On what OS do you work? How do you open the project in CLion? Do you gat any errors if you do `Tools | CMake | Reset Cache and Reload project`?


Thanks for your reply. I use OSX Catalina.  I got the apache arrow/cpp from github, then open > CMakeLists.txt > open as a project. 


I am wondering if there is any update on this? I am wondering if this is not the standard way of loading the project? 


Hi Amir. Could you please submit a ticket in our tracker with idea.log attached so we could investigate the issue?

BTW, does File | Invalidate Cache and Restart help to fix the problem?

upd: I was able to reproduce one case when navigation is not working in header files https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/CPP-25493. Does it your case?


I'm using Visual Studio 2015. The issue doesn't seem to occur in the 2013 version.

Why does this error occur and how can I fix it?



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