Less frequent indexing?

Im constantly not able to use predictive text and suggestions, or jump to a definition, because webstorm is constantly indexing my project (about every 30 seconds)
I have auto save on every 4 minutes. 

Is there a way to make indexing less frequent? Im at my wits end

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Hi there,

This could be caused by some tool that compiles your app/generates stuff in background (i.e. "babel --watch" / file watcher -- this kind of things)

If you have anything like that: consider marking such generated folders as excluded.

P.S. If you double click on that "Indexing..." -- it should make it as a popup where it should list the file path of the currently indexed file. See if that info will give you any clues. May also check idea.log (Help | Show Log in XXX) for some possible hints.


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Andriy Bazanov 

this was the fix. Thank you. Months Ive been having issues with this. clicking on the indexing revealed my app-bundle file was included in the indexing. Excluding it worked. Thank you again.


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