Toolbar of diagram is not working correctly


It seems, that after upgrade to IntelliJ 2021 the toolbar of my plugin ( does not work properly any more:

  1. It's not possible anymore to use the category icons. I can click on them, but they are not active. They stay always inactive.
  2. The plugin have two custom actions in the toolbar. They are not appearing anymore.

Does something changed with version 2021 regarding to the diagram api?

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I am sorry for the late reply.

Yes, the API has changed a bit.
It is my fault, I missed one case where backward compatibility broke. Thank you for reporting it!

In short, now `DiagramNodeContentManager` (which is stored in `DiagramDataModel`) is responsible for keeping enabled categories, not `DiagramState` as it was before.
`DiagramState` should not be used ever and all methods getting it as a parameter have been deprecated.

I made a PR with requiring changes, hope it solves the problem.

Yours sincerely,
JetBrains team.

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Hi Alexander

Thanks for your support. Yes, it solved the problem.

Cheers, Stefan


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