How to get the intellij version?

I would like to automatize plugins installation from command line,chef,puppet,ansible 

So for this I need to grab plugins archive from

But to get a plugins archive I need to know what is the intellij version link to a given build

Example with scala-plugins:

archive are in and for the intellij build number 163.4396—164 it's the version 2016.3.4

So the url to download it is:

The problem: MyBalanceNow

I can get build number by reading content of $INTELLIJ_HOME/build.txt

But how to know to which version this build number map ?

Thanks for your help


>But how to know to which version this build number map ?

Can you clarify? Do you mean find the IDE compatible build for a certain plugin version?



Is there any command[bash script] for checking whether IntelliJ is present in your system or not?

I am trying to build a bash script that contains IntelliJ installation too. 

I want to put a check whether IntelliJ is present or not. If yes, it will not install the Intellij, and if no, it will install the IntelliJ and go plugins.


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