Using gradlew and intJ interchangeably


For I guess a few years (?) now I've been regarding the executable gradle wrapper created by intJ as something I could use on the command line when intJ has the same project open.  This never seemed to cause a problem until I discovered this horrific gotcha: 

Which isn't necessarily something caused by using the two tools together, since it happens with or without intJ running.  However, as it has such nasty implications (I'm sure that's not the first time I've been perplexed by gradle behavior because of what seems like a blatant caching bug), I figured I might as well check:

Is it okay to use the executable `./gradlew` wrapper while working on the project in intJ?  If not, when is it okay?  Should I never use it directly?

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It is perfectly fine to use Gradle wrapper launcher script from command line when the project is also loaded into the IDE. Especially if you delegate to Gradle the IDE build, the build behaviour should be identical.


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