Enable Symfony plugin auto configuration now link crashes, shows IDE Fatal Errors, can't Report Exception

After installing the Symfony Support plugin, restarting PHPStorm, and opening up my project again, a pop-up appeared at the bottom right saying:

Symfony: Enable the Symfony Plugin with `auto configuration now`, open `Project Settings` or `dismiss` further messages

When I clicked `auto configuration now`, the below popped up:

Can someone tell me why this happened? Also why the Report Exception button is grayed out.

I'm using PHPStorm version 2021.1.3 on Mac Big Sur.

The repo I'm working with is using Symfony 3.4 (soon to be upgraded to 4.4) with PHP 7.3 (Homebrew).

The other developer using the plugin without error is on Linux Ubuntu.

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The "Report Exception" button is greyed out as the exception is caused by a 3rd-party plugin, not an IDE itself or its bundled plugins. 

As for the issue itself, it could be a better option to address the plugin author directly. Here is a similar report, by the way:


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I reported the problem to the 3rd-party developer.


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