WebOS development on Webstorm

Just a new guy in WebOS development thing, still trying to learn a lot of things, so please be patient with me...

I am trying to develop some app for LG Signage running WebOS inside.

So apparently WebOS app is HTML + CSS + JavaScript , which WebStorm will fit the bill.

original development tools from LG Signage is Eclipse with some kind of their adjustments, so clicking "Run" will compile the codes to IPK file, then can send it to Emulator or Signage based on SFTP / SCP , and run them there. Neatly done on this process.

However this Eclipse don't have type support autocomplete, nor code refactoring. Meanwhile WebStorm is a clear winner here.

So far, I can type codes on WebStorm, and "Run" on Eclipse. 

But I wonder if I can get the same "Run" functions on WebStorm natively.

If anyone can share some light , please do help.

Thank you. 


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There is nothing we can offer here, sorry:(

We have a feature request for WebOS support, https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEABKL-6803, but it's quite old and has almost no chances to be fixed in the foreseeable future, as it seems that there is no much demand for this feature. Neither I'm aware of any third-party plugin for this


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