Plot animation will not display when run in PyCharm (but works if run from prompt)

Pycharm v 2021.1.2


Python 3.8

The following code will display an animation of a series of bar plots. This works if I run from the prompt, but when run within pyCharm (with run configuration parameters set to values for argv[1] and argv[2])


from matplotlib import animation
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import random
import seaborn as sns
import sys

def update(frame_number, rolls, faces, frequencies):
"""Configures bar plot contents for each animation frame."""
# roll die and update frequencies
for i in range(rolls):
frequencies[random.randrange(1, 7) - 1] += 1

# reconfigure plot for updated die frequencies
plt.cla() # clear old contents contents of current Figure
axes = sns.barplot(x=faces, y=frequencies, palette='bright') # new bars
axes.set_title(f'Die Frequencies for {sum(frequencies):,} Rolls')
axes.set(xlabel='Die Value', ylabel='Frequency')
axes.set_ylim(top=max(frequencies) * 1.10) # scale y-axis by 10%

# display frequency & percentage above each patch (bar)
for bar, frequency in zip(axes.patches, frequencies):
text_x = bar.get_x() + bar.get_width() / 2.0
text_y = bar.get_height()
text = f'{frequency:,}\n{frequency / sum(frequencies):.3%}'
axes.text(text_x, text_y, text, ha='center', va='bottom')

# read command-line arguments for number of frames and rolls per frame
number_of_frames = int(sys.argv[1])
rolls_per_frame = int(sys.argv[2])

sns.set_style('whitegrid') # white backround with gray grid lines
figure = plt.figure('Rolling a Six-Sided Die') # Figure for animation
values = list(range(1, 7)) # die faces for display on x-axis
frequencies = [0] * 6 # six-element list of die frequencies

# configure and start animation that calls function update
die_animation = animation.FuncAnimation(
figure, update, repeat=False, frames=number_of_frames, interval=33,
fargs=(rolls_per_frame, values, frequencies)) # display window

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