What is the Default File Type for Jenkinsfile in Pycharm

I understand how to change default file type associations for formatting in pycharm.

What I don't know is what file is associated with Jenkinsfile files.

I can't find an entry for it, but it's clearly formatting stuff for me. I'd like to change its tabs / associate other files with it. I would have thought yaml or groovy but the first is wrong and the second isn't an option.

Thanks for any help!


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Jenkinsfile uses groovy syntax, and it's managed by TextMate Bundles

You can modify the settings for groovy bundle by editing <IDE_HOME>/plugins/textmate/lib/bundles/groovy/package.json

Settings related to file pattern:

      "extensions": [".groovy", ".gvy", ".gradle", ".jenkinsfile", ".nf"],
"filenames": [ "Jenkinsfile" ],
"filenamePatterns": ["Jenkinsfile.*"],
"firstLine": "^#!.*\\bgroovy\\b",
"configuration": "./language-configuration.json"

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