Feature request: Double click to property name with Option key will select property name without dollar sign

Requested behaviour:

  • When double click to property name `$user`, whole word including dollar sign is selected.
  • When double click to property name `$user` with modifier key (on Mac it is OPTION key), just `user` will be selected - without dollar sign.
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Just in case, it is already possible to change the default behaviour and select variables/properties without a dollar sign. This is configurable with the "Editor | General | Smart Keys | PHP > Select variable name without `$` sign on double click" option.

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Vasiliy, yes I know, but this is more practical for every day usage.

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Please take note that with this option enabled, there are two major ways available to select the whole variable with $ sign:
- Double-click on a space before the variable;
- Select the variable and then use "Expand word" (Ctrl+W) to select the dollar sign as well.

And of course, you may submit a corresponding feature request on YouTrack:

Hope it helps!


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