Using Clion without compiling and without Cmake.


I'm working on an embedded project that was built in Keil.
I would like to used Clion as an IDE for the inspection and formatting.

There are few problems:

  • Keil doesn't use Cmake for compilation, so I don't have a Cmake file configured
  • The project is built from 4 subprojects (2 different cards that both have bootloader and main program)

Giving the current state of the project, what will be the easiest way to configure Clion, so I will be able to find usages and run relevant inspections on the code. I don't need Clion to actually compile and be able to debug the project and I don't care if it will use a different toolchain (gcc, etc.)

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The thing is that to provide accurate code highlighting, code indentation, navigation, and refactorings, CLion needs to understand many things about the code - compilation flags, header search paths, language standard, and more. This information is a part of the project model / build system. That's why CLion requires it and can't provide smart coding assistance (even basic things) accurately for some unknown source code. 

For now, CMake, Compilation Database, Gradle and Makefile projects are supported.


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