How to display messages only in the event log without pop-up?


NotificationGroup notificationGroup = new NotificationGroup("novel", NotificationDisplayType.NONE, true);
Notification notification = notificationGroup.createNotification(content, NotificationType.INFORMATION);
But this approach is scheduled for removal in 2021.3

What other way can you just display it in the event log without pop-up?

What's more, how to clear the information of eventlog? Is this API supported?


Difference in API is explained here

Why do you need to clear event log? It could contain relevant information(s) contributed from other notifications?


Thank you very much for your reply.

I know both of the two methods in API, but I am very upset that 2020.03 is not compatible

About cleaning up event log, because my plug-in content will use it, and users need to be invisible to others in some cases


You can continue using deprecated API if your plugin targets IDE versions including <2020.3.

EventLog is shared by IDE and all plugins, so clearing entries there is not recommended as user might not have read (or needs still access to) messages.


Because of the nature of the plug-in, I think it can be compatible with all versions of idea

But at this stage, I may have to abandon (> 2020.3) users temporarily. I will limit the plug-in version

I already know about event log

But thanks again


Update, the NotificationGroup constructor will _not_ be removed in future versions, so it will be safe to continue using it.


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