Updating indexes over and over

Im actually use 2020.* latest version. But I updated 2021.1.3 and my program updated indexes over and over. Then I downgrade PyCharm version to 2021.1 but it still continue. 


Upload id: 2021_07_08_S93bTfL7mC1tbuQ8 (file: pycharm-logs-20210708-141031.zip)

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I am wondering if the behaviour is specific for this project only? Could you try creating a new project and observe how it goes? 

Is it a venv or conda env? Please attach a screenshot of the

 Project Interpreter Settings https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/installing-uninstalling-and-upgrading-packages.html#interpreter-settings

Are there any symbolic links? Disk E: is a local drive, isn't it? 


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