Right click in java source folder only shows Kotlin options.


This is a brand new maven project.      src/main/java is the sources root.     I created some packages under there and when I right click ->  New, there are no New Java Class options.   

This stuff drives me nuts.   A java project ..  I NEVER want to see any Kotlin ANYTHING unless I ask for it.     



What do you get if choose "File" in the context menu and then name it like "Class.java"? Will it be recognized as Java class? 

Is the issue specific to an exact project, or this could be reproduced in a sample "Hello World!" app? 


It didn't look like it but the problem went away after a full restart of IJ.    So I guess we are dead in the water for more intel,  I do think you'll want to keep an eye out for that though.   It doesn't feel like the first time this has happened but I've been using IJ  for a very very long time now.


I also landed here, and it was a quiet dump error of mine

i created a package containing "-" and that's why i was not able to create a Java Class, probably somebody also stranded here

"foo-bar" is not allowed it shoud be "foo_bar"


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