CLion start build all the targets even if there are no change at all

I am using CLion on Ubuntu and I have created one custom target for "ALL" targets of my project.

When I press Build while selecting "ALL" as my target, I see that CLion for no good reason builds the same targets that it just finished last time with no change.

This means that instead of incrementally build only those targets that changed (if any), CLion will build all targets all time. It's more than 3K targets and takes no less than 15 minutes to finish! It used to work differently before: compile and link only changed packages.

I am using CMake, CLANG and Ninja. I have installed CLion using snap. I used to download the package then install it manually. This is the only difference.

I am on Ubuntu 20.04 VM on Windows 10 Hyper-V system.

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I have the same issue on Windows with toolchain Visual Studio. It keeps rebuilding everything even when I make a single change.

Also on Windows it uses 1 single thread to build instead of build in parallel, is there a way to change this?


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