Why Can't I Add A New Kotlin SDK?

I am using a project using Kotlin 1.2.71 and when I now try to debug it in IDEA it will no longer build with the error:

Kotlin: Language version 1.2 is no longer supported; please, use version 1.3 or greater.

When I go to the project settings I can add a new JDK but I can't add a new Kotlin SDK.

When I click the plus button the menu says "Add JDK". When I right-click in the panel is says "Add New SDK" - neither of which allows me to have multiple different SDKs available for different projects in the same way as I can have multiple different JDKs available.

The button to browse for the SDK I downloaded doesn't work.

Pasting the url into the home path doesn't work.

Trying to select and copy the text "Kotlin SDK home path:" for this post doesn't work.

Why can't I add a new Kotlin SDK?



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It's not really a separate SDK, it just reuses the IDEA Kotlin plugin. You have to update the IDE plugin. If you're using an old IDEA version, you would have to update it too, because the latest Kotlin IDE plugins don't support old IDEAs.


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