Running Scratch Files With Remte Interpreter (Vagrant / Laravel Homestead)


Hi Team;

I'd like to know if there is a way to run Scratch files with a Remote Interpreter?

I've mapped the paths for my project to Vagrant paths and I can run code in the application however is usually scratch files I want to run. These scratch files should also be executed in the scope of the project as they may reference classes inside the project,

Currently, I'm using the Tinkerwell Plugin from BeyondCode which essentially scp's the scratch to the VM and then calls the code in the correct context and returns the output. I'd like to remove the tinkerwell overhead and execute it directly (via PHP on the VM).

When I tried to run the file PHP returns from the VM that it can't find the path location (which is the local path on my local machine). There is no way to map the Scratch file as its in the AppData, not the project path.

The alternate I have is creating a scratch folder in the project and just creating new PHP files in there, bringing in the autoload and going for gold. This would allow source control as well but adds crud to the source tree when scratch files are really an individual's developers artifacts.

Please let me know if this is possible? 


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