How can i use intellij without ui?


I have a few gradle or maven java projects, and I want to do some program analysis by java PSI interface.

I can write a plugin ,open intellij,open a project, wait for dependencies and index job, install the plugin, click my button and do my task.

then i may do the same thing for the other thausands of my projects.

Is there any way to do these things automatically in a script or command line? Or what feature can I rely on?

What I am concerning is the abillity of resolving a project with all its dependencies and parse it into Jetbrains' powerful virtural file and psi system.It is capital ,marvelous, fantastic(dozens of compliments)to my research for it's far more  professional and efficient than other tools like javaparser.

I'm just getting start and any technical and engineering advice is welcome.

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