Parse Java source code file into PSI file and do some operations on the PSI elements



Is it possible to parse a java source code file (like a path of the file) and convert it into a PSI file so that I could iterate over the PSI elements in it? 

I saw a few similar posts and tried their approaches. For example in below, a PsiManager is used to create (or find) the virtual file. However, a "Project project" parameter is needed ("mProject" in the below example) and I do not know how to get that parameter. Could someone shed some light on this?  

Thank you! :)

The code below is obtained from

if (!virtualFile.isDirectory() && "java".equalsIgnoreCase(virtualFile.getExtension()) ) {
PsiManager psiMgr = PsiManager.getInstance(mProject);
PsiFile file = psiMgr.findFile(virtualFile);
if (!(file instanceof PsiJavaFile) ) {
PsiJavaFile jFile = PsiJavaFile)psiMgr.getElementFactory().createFileFromText("", file.getText());
// do whatever you want with your PsiJavaFile
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Project is always required to setup necessary SDK, libraries, and other configurations (e.g., framework settings)

Please explain what the actual context is where your code should run.


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