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I am using a remote server to build and deploy my code since the server offers some CPU extensions I need. However, the remote server's operating system does not support the compilers I need to build my code. That's why I set up a docker container with everything I need to compile and build my project fully.

Is it possible to connect to the docker container running on the remote server from my local machine using CLions remote deployment toolchain?
As far as I can tell, the description provided here ( does "only" cover connecting to a local docker container.

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The user also contacted us via email, here is my reply:

You can try to connect to the docker container using port forwarding through a jump server (your PC -> remote server -> docker container). In order to do this you need to setup your .ssh/config file to allow this using ProxyCommand and then in CLion create a remote toolchain ( with the "OpenSSH config and authentication agent" authentication type. OpenSSH config with ProxyCommand directive is supported, so it should work.


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