Opening a SQL file does not connect to database


I have been using SSMS to work with SQL Server for years and since I always love the JetBrains Git interface I decided to try out DataGrip as it seems to be an obvious choice for me.

Something that I instantly noticed and that I find just incredibly annoying to the point of just going back to SSMS is that when you open a sql file, you start out with every single table and column just being red, which I feel is a horrible user experience. In SSMS, when you open a SQL file, it automatically makes a new session to the last used server and database. 90% of the time it's exactly what I want and only 10% of the time I end up having to connect to a different server. If I am missing a simple setting that I can set, let me know. But I could not find it and a Google search didn't yield anything relevant.

Now in DataGrip, not only do I have to figure out to right-click, Attach Session, choose the connection, and choose new session, I also have to manually select a database even if there is an explicit USE statement at the top.

This doesn't even touch on the very long "Introspecting" step when you first connect to a database, but that is less of an issue because its just done once at the very beginning.

Thank you for reading my little rant here, but I really want to use and promote Jet Brains products as they are in most cases vastly more polished, but I just can't do it in this area yet.

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Maxwell Dreytser,

Thanks for feedback!
There is an issue DBE-10878 you can leave comments for mentioned usability problem.


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