CTest Grouping

I use CppUTest as I work with small embedded hardware. 
I would like to know if there is a way, that I can group CTests in CLion. Right now I have one massive lists of all tests.

Whole story:
Unfortunately, there isn't the same support for CppUTest as there is for Google Test.
So, I had to use CMake with CTest to make them work in CLion.

That works fine where diffrent groups of tests run in diffrent executables. 
Each executable was one CTest enty.
Which is fine, but I wanted to have more ganular tests in CLion.
So, I use a post-build test-recovery that adds each single test in my CTest files.
That works fine too, but now I have a massive list of tests in CLion, which is not amazing.

I tried to add Labels (CTest properties), but that didn't help in CLion.

SO, is there a way to group CTests that they look as nice and neat as Google Tests (tests grouped).
I would obviously configure that in my CMake files. Is there a way, that CLion understands??


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