PythonCore PyPackageManager pick up newly installed dependencies


I'm currently extending a plugin to take generated code from a remote URL, save it and add a required Python dependency.

I eventually worked out that `executeOnPooledThread` rather than `runWriteAction` is needed to call `PyPackageManager.install` without threading problems but after this process has completed successfully the IDE is in a state that it doesn't know newly installed packages are available without a "Refresh from disk" on the project.

I've tried using `pyPackageManager.refreshAndGetPackages(false)` and `VirtualFileManager.getInstance().syncRefresh();` without any success. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right directory to kick off a process that would make the IDE aware of the new dependencies and I guess re-analyze the newly added code to show that it is valid or not.

Many thanks!

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Please show your relevant portion of code. AFAIU you'll need to perform VFS refresh on downloaded files/dir(s) first, then invoke PyPackageManager.refreshAndGetPackages() after.

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Thanks Yann Cebron, I've got something working so far, but also my order was probably not right. I used an `invokeLater` with a delay to then run:


I'll fix it up to order of calls order as previously the refresh was happening after the install/refreshAndGetPackages to hopefully make it more responsive and less hacky. Really appreciate the help!


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