Is there any way around the .idea folder?

I work in shared drives with other developers. As far as I can tell, there is no way to disable the creation of the .idea folder in the project root directory. This causes problems with multiple developers because our virtual environments are local and the paths stored in the .idea folder are specific to each developer. This also confuses Pycharm, because it keeps showing the wrong version of Python (and packages) when different developers work in the folder. It is not possible for the file syncing service to ignore the .idea folder.

I know that git is usually used to solve this issue, but the files we are pushing are often very large binary files (which can change). This is why shared drives are nice. Older copies of these binary files do not need to be saved.

Is there any way around the issue caused by syncing the .idea folder? Is it possible to have a 'master' .idea folder stored locally? Is it possible to have Pycharm ignore the .idea folder?

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Hi, you can try the workaround from

If each member of your team do this, they should essentially have their own .idea config, but be able to work on shared files. 

Keep in mind that working on projects stored on network mounts is generally not recommended and may lead to performance/indexing issues.


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