How to collapse all doc comments like "//"?



How to Collapse/Expand all Doc comments like "//"?

I know this:

but it just collapse work for the comments 1 like "/**/", not for the comments 2 like "//".

I want to collapse the all comments 2 like the comments 1.

How to do it?

Thank you.



According to Oracle documentation, the comment should contain `/**` and `*/` comment separators to be recognized as JavaDoc. See

Note: The comment separators /** and */ must be present, but the leading asterisks on the intermediate lines can be left off.

So, IntelliJ IDEA collapses/expands all the JavaDoc comments correctly. 


What I mean is that is there some shortcut can make all comment like "//" collapse or expand


Cmd+Shift+- (Collapse all) to collapse all, or Cmd+- (Collapse) to collapse selected areas 


I know this shortcut

here is a common scenarios

I focus some code and I don't want to see the "//" comment

if Cmd+Shift+- , I can't  see and focus on my new code


if cmd +-, I need to do at least 2 step

I see all the shortcut , can't find a shortcut which can do it only 1 step to collapse all "//" like the no.3 pic.

Maybe, it's a good idea to IDEA add the shortcut the Implementing this functionality。




Got your case. Please add a comment and watch this feature request:


I write a comment in your url. 

IDEA-84613 is pass 9 years....

Will it be implement in 3 years - -! ? orz


I have the same request but depending on where the comments are I have found that “ctrl+shift+NumPad *, 1” helps a lot.


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